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Current Projects

Projects in Kashmir


Currently we are supporting a project initiated by Kashmiri doctors to procure Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) for frontline staff in Kashmir.  We have already provided funding for 3,000 N95 masks.  We are looking for providing further funding for this project.

COVID-19 Food Distribution

Due to ongoing lockdown in Kashmir, we are helping various NGOs across Kashmir to provide basic food ration for one month to deserving families.  Each family pack costs approx. INR4,000

Adopt a family

Due to ongoing siege of Kashmir by the Indian government, since 5 Aug 2019, we have a program available to adopt a family for 6 months.  The cost of this is INR 24,000 for 6 months.  Payments can be made on monthly basis.  We can provide you contact details of the family so you can deal directly with them, should you wish to do that.

To donate for the above projects, please deposit money into:


  • For COVID-19 donation, please use reference as “COVID” and “Your Name”

  • For adopting a family for 6 months please use reference as “Adopt” and “Your Name”

Kashmiri Association of NZ

ASB Bank Account


All enquiries should be emailed to

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