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The idea to establish KANZ came from our small Kashmiri Community in New Zealand, who since the major flood in Kashmir, has been serving the underprivileged and needy in our society in the erstwhile State of Jammu and Kashmir, now Union Territory Jammu and Kashmir.
This Kashmiri diaspora, along with a few other friends from the wider NZ community, got together and formed KANZ Trust. KANZ Charitable Trust is a platform which we intend to use to raise awareness and speak out about our opinions and concerns for our disadvantaged, terror-affected and neglected brothers and sisters in Jammu and Kashmir.
KANZ members have long been working in their capacities on an individual basis for the marginalised, physically and financially challenged in Kashmir. To perform the same objectives and services effectively and jointly under one banner, all the individuals have agreed to establish a recognised and registered charitable trust. Thus, KANZ was born.

KANZ is nurtured and supported by a team of dedicated, brave-hearts focused on empowering the voice of the voiceless, providing basic needs to the needy, and is committed to helping the many individuals and families that have been rendered helpless and deprived of resources to sustain their livelihood.

KANZ believes in overcoming the mighty tasks ahead with focus, fierce commitment and singleness of purpose.

We believe in providing relief to the distressed and helping the oppressed as a means to better society - the best way to nourish the soul is to feed the hungry and aid those in need. We rise by lifting others.

Let us help the needy to help ourselves!

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